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I am Deja Electra, an American lifestyle Domme and professional Dominatrix based in Boston, MA. I have been working in the kink world for over 5 years and have gained a lot of experience and knowledge in kink and fetish over those years. I started My journey with modeling, participating in live shows, photography, and appearing in clips. During that time I started camming off and on for a few years. Finally, after years of doing adult entertainment on the side I decided to jump in head first, leave My vanilla job, and go full-time. It was a huge risk for Me but it more than paid off. I am now a full-time fetish & femdom clip creator, webcam model, photographer, and phone Domme. Becoming a full-time Dominatrix has opened up so many doors for Me and has made Me a happier person, it was the best choice I’ve made in My life. I love My job!

submissives can expect a unique experience from Me whether it be over the phone, on cam, in clips, or in person. I have my own unique style, a wide range, and a genuine passion for what I do. I love exploring people’s kinks, nothing gets Me more excited than playing with people’s most secret of desires and opening them up to a whole new world of fantasy & submission. subs love to submit to Me, worship Me, respect Me and they quickly become addicted to Me. You can’t get an experience like Mine anywhere else. I’m a real-life full-time dominant woman, being strong, dominant, and controlling has always come naturally to Me. I don’t just enjoy people obeying My every command and fulfilling My every desire – I require it.

I really enjoy playing with different kinds of domination, I can be sadistic, ruthless, and hedonistic but also sensual and personable yet commanding. Everything I do is authentic and every kink I play with is something I genuinely enjoy. I’m so much more than just a mean girl with no substance, I actually want to give My sub an amazing session and derive genuine pleasure from what I do. I strive for excellence in what I do and won’t settle for anything less.

There’s so much more to Me, if you’d like to get to know Me a little better schedule a session with Me. I’m always happy to get to know new subs. If you’d like a little more information about me and what I offer check the links below.


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