Adopt A Bill

Want to prove you value Me? Want to make My life easier? Adopt one of My bills!

You know I love to live a luxurious and expensive lifestyle and that I love being pampered. My lifestyle comes at a high cost and I know you’d be thrilled to help fund My luxuries. Below is a list of reoccurring expenses I have that you can cover. Some bills are weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and annually. There’s a bill for every budget.

If you’d like to adopt one of My bills email Me at and tell Me what bill(s) you’d like to cover and how long/frequently you’d like to pay them.


Audiobook Subscription

$25 Monthly


I love unwinding with a good story after a long day and sometimes actually sitting down to flip pages in a book just isn’t possible. Audiobooks are perfect for relaxing in the tub, inspiring Me while editing videos, and expanding My knowledge while driving. I go through a lot of books so I have the platinum membership.


$125 Monthly


Obviously, having high-speed internet is crucial for Me. I need the best of the best. Cover this for your benefit too as it ensures I will always have a good connection for camming and uploading videos for you to enjoy.


Manicures & Pedicures

$75 Bi-Weekly


I love keeping My nails looking as beautiful as possible and going to a good nail salon comes at a cost. Cover this for Me so I can always look like the pampered princess that I am.


Shopping Spree

$100 Weekly or  $400 Monthly


I go on shopping trips weekly and buy whatever My spoiled heart desires. I have a need for designer clothes, shoes, lingerie, and high-end accessories.  Don’t you want to fund My next shopping trip?



$60 Annually for PlayStation Plus or $40 Monthly for Games


Did you know I love to play video games? When I’m not Dominating subs I’m usually playing games with My friends. I have an annual PlayStation Plus account and buy a new game around every 2 weeks. Fund My relaxation time.


Hair Salon

$145 Monthly


Keeping My long, luscious, blonde hair beautiful is very important to Me. I only go to the best stylists and keep regular appointments, this costs Me a pretty penny. Be the good little sub who keeps Me looking pretty.



$250 Weekly


To keep Myself looking and feeling great I need a good diet. Be the one to cover My expensive food costs and keep Me looking radiant.


Music Streaming

$10 Month


I am always listening to music and I love the convenience of being able to stream whatever I want, whenever I want. Keep My ears happy and fund My love of music.