Buy My Fetish Items

Ever want to own something worn or used by a perfect Goddess? Now you can! I sell many different fetish items including panties, bras, pantyhose, socks, shoes, and more!

Want to know what I have available? I post listings in the following places:



Looking for something specific? Email me at and ask.

Buyers Info & How To Buy Directly:

  1. Contact Me with the title(s) of your selections, add-ons, shipping speed, and your payment method.
  2. Let Me know the name and address to ship to. Items typically ship out within 3 business days or when they are ready for you. Packaging will be plain and discreet. I will send you the tracking number as soon as they are shipped.

If you want a specific item that I do not own, you can send Me a gift card to buy it or include the price of the item in your payment and I’d be happy to customize it for you

I wear perfume frequently when going out and use scented laundry detergent, this doesn’t really affect the smell of the item but if you have a severe allergy and do not want perfumes near your item please let Me know.

Package & Shipping:

Items will be double sealed in ziplock bags (when possible) if necessary items will be wrapped in tissue paper or bubble wrap to protect the item. If you order multiple items at once I will try to pack them all in the same package unless you ask otherwise.

I include USPS priority mail in the price of the item. The envelope/box will be plain white and discreet.

You can upgrade to USPS Priority Express shipping, you must give Me a zip code to calculate the cost.

I ship to Canda for an extra fee, other international shipping is available in some cases, contact Me for information.


Fetish Item Customization:

General Add-Ons:

  • A short handwritten note from Me, you can specify if you want a particular kind of note – $5
  • Perfume the item – Free
  • Heavily perfume the item – $2
  • A digital picture of Me in/with the item – $3 per picture
  • A physical signed photo of Me in/with the item – $5 per picture
  • Simple custom video in/with the item – $10/min (digitally delivered)
  • Spit on the item – $3
  • 1 day of wear – $10 per day (up to 7 extra days)
  • Workout while wearing the item – $10 per session

Panty Add-Ons:

  • Make them extra creamy – $10
  • Masturbation session – $15 (per orgasm)
  • Full panty stuffing – $10
  • Full panty stuffing with pic proof – $15
  • Full panty stuffing with video – $30
  • No wipe (front) – $10
  • No wipe (back) – $20

Socks, Pantyhose & Hosiery Add-Ons:

  • No panty wear – $10
  • Walk around the house with no shoes – $10
  • Walk outside with no shoes – $15
  • Extra sweaty boot wear – $10

Shoe Add-Ons:

  • Make them sweaty – $10
  • No sock wear – $10
  • Make them muddy – $10
  • Put out cigarettes with them – $10

I am open to other requests, just email Me and ask


Payment Methods:

Please message Me for more info on payment and other methods I may accept. Note that not all methods are ok with all item types.

Preferred Methods:






Backup/Other Methods:


Amazon Gift Card (+30%)

GiftRocket (this will cause a delay in delivery until payment clears)