The Cam Model Blog: NiteFlirt for Beginners

So you may be asking “what’s NiteFlirt?” NiteFlirt is a wonderful phone sex site with a lot of options for revenue! That’s why I’m making this NiteFlirt for Beginners post so you can learn the ropes of the site.

The site primarily functions as a phone sex site but offers the ability to do phone with cam via skype or discord as well as sending “pay-to-view” messages, pay-per-volley chat, and sell “goodies”  which can be any kind of content you can think of; videos, photos, audio recordings, PDFs, etc. NiteFlirt is open to women, couples, men, and transgender people. NiteFlirt offers a wide variety of options for whatever kind of audience you cater to, they are very fetish and FemDom friendly and have high traffic for vanilla too. I have had incredible success on NiteFlirt doing phone only, phone with cam, and selling goodies.

“Ok, I’m intrigued. How do I get started on NiteFlirt” you may be saying. Well, first and foremost you’re going to want to familiarize yourself with their “Fair Play Basics” and their “Flirt Policies” before you start doing anything. On NiteFlirt PSOs are called “flirts,” and you can read even more about their site by reading the “Help For Flirts” section on their site.

NiteFlirt For Beginners:

So you’ve read the rules and have a good idea of how the site works. Now it’s time to make an account.

First, you’re going to have to decide what your style is. Are you a Dom(me)? A horny girl/guy next door? While it’s not necessary to make 2 accounts, if you want to dip your toes into both Dom(me) and vanilla work you might find more success by splitting them up onto separate accounts. NiteFlirt allows you to have up to 3 personas per phone number, and when you get a call for one persona, you’ll be switched to “busy” on all your accounts, so it’s easy to run more than one account if you choose to.

Making Your Listings:

So you’ve chosen a style and you’ve made an account, great! Now it’s time for listings. With so many category options to choose from it may be tempting to make a listing in every single category you can cater to, but not so fast. Your placement on the site will be based on something called a “Listing Value Score” and those are pretty hard to keep up, especially when you’re new. It’s much better to have 2-4 listings with a high LVS than 10 with a “meh” score. Not to mention some categories just plain have more traffic than others.

So if you’re a Domme you’re going to probably only want to create listings in the Fetish > Fem Dommes, BDSM > Mistresses, Phone With Cam > Mistresses at first. If you’re really good at Feminization or Finacial Domination go ahead and make listings in those categories too, but don’t overdo it. If you’re vanilla you might want to just stick to Women Home Alone > Sex and Sex Toys unless there’s something you specialize in like anal, housewives, BBW, or role-playing. Just because you’re not listed in the oral sex category does not mean you’ll be missing out on all those customers! Just plain “Sex” has a ton of traffic, more than “oral sex” so you’ll be found, plus most guys are browsing the front page of the site, or the parent category of “Woman Home Alone” which includes sex, anal, and oral.

Now when you’re making your listing you’re probably freaking out thinking you have to know a bunch of code, but don’t worry about that yet. My strategy when making a new listing is to make some totally blank listing except for a single line of text like “call me, we’ll have fun” and then I send it off to be approved which takes 2-3 business days. This gives me time to work on a pretty layout and reduces the likelihood someone will reject my listing for some reason (like they were too lazy to comb through all my text) then once it’s approved I just paste in my fancy layout and go live.

Need help making a pretty listing? I’m offering my layout totally free of charge for you to customize!

Take a look at one of my listings here

Download my free template here

I don’t expect anything in return except maybe you showing me how you used it. If you’re able and willing, I would appreciate a tribute to compensate me for my work, but I don’t expect it at all. I offer this totally free to help my fellow SWs.

What should you put in your listing?

What you put in your listing is really up to you and will depend on your style. A few pictures to visually draw the customers in, a little description of yourself, and a list of what you do and don’t do.

The first piece of advice I’d give is to be really thorough when listing off your specialties especially if you’re going to cam and have a lot of toys or outfits. See my listing under “My Specialties” I list a whole ton of things, why? Because it optimizes you in search! If someone is looking for a Domme who has a cheerleader costume I’ll be pretty high up in the search results even when I’m not bidding. So as pretty as graphics look, always list your specialties in text form so you’ll come up when someone is looking for something specific. Keep in mind, you shouldn’t overdo this, or list things that aren’t really your specialties because many flirts see this as “tag spamming” so keep it reasonable.

Another great thing to do is create tribute buttons as Pay-To-View mail and put them in your listing. This is great because a PTV allows them to give you a rating, and ratings increase your points. You can also add little goodies like pictures for people sending tributes.


Something I’ve found surprisingly helpful is making a very cheap “verification and voice sample” video as a PTV. The low price (I charge $1) draws them in and after they like what they see they tend to do a call and leave a few 5-star ratings. This is especially helpful if you’re going to cam. It’s also a great way to show your personality to a potential caller, if you’re a Dom(me) you can really establish your dominance or if you’re vanilla you can show a little bit of your sexiness. Don’t make it full on fap material, just a teaser. If you’re uncomfortable doing video, you can do the same with an audio clip as a voice sample.

If you offer different kinds of listings, link them from your other listings. So if you offer cam make a link to your cam listing from your phone listing and vice versa.

Pricing Your Listing:

NiteFlirt has a few filters for customers “Under $2” and “Under $3” so you’ll want to keep those parameters in mind, also any listing over $1.99 will not come up in the directory on the phone. So I recommend $1.99 for phone lines and $2.99 for cam lines to get the most traffic. You can always charge less, but those are highest profit with highest traffic. Once you get a good customer base you can up your cam rates, but you will be relying a lot on regulars at that point, I found the most success at $2.99. I wouldn’t recommend going over $1.99 for a phone only line unless it’s Finacial Domination.

Bidding On Your Listings:

This is the toughest part about starting on NiteFlirt, you have to invest a little bit of money to get your listings seen. There are 3 tiers for listing ranking; Overall, Parent Category & Main Category. Let me show you how this works.

Overall is your placement on the main page of the site, here is my listing in Find Women > Phone With Cam > Mistresses

As you can see without bidding my listing is #132 on the main page, not very good for traffic. If I wanted to be #1 on the main page a bid would cost me $0.61 per click.

Now for the parent category Find Women > Phone With Cam:

This is much better for me, I’m #5 without bidding and if I wanted to bid it would only cost me $0.19 per click.

and now for the main category Find Women > Phone With Cam > Mistresses

Now as you can see, under the main category I’m #2 without bidding, much better.

Since this is a cam line I would only bid to be in the top 5 of the “Phone With Cam” category since the listing is over $1.99 it won’t come up in the phone directory. My targeted audience is people looking for cam shows, not just phone sessions.

For phone lines, you will want to pick a listing that is sort of a “catch-all” listing that will be where you put most of your bidding money and bid for it to be in the top 10 on the site. Your other phone listings can be left alone or bid to be in the top 10 of their main or parent category. You can only have 1 listing on the front page at a time.

When you first start out, bidding can be pretty expensive since rates are based on your LVS. You want to invest in your listing, but don’t go overboard. If bidding for the front page is too much, just bid to be higher up in your main category. Remeber, the primary way people will find you is by having a listing with good placement, so don’t hesitate to invest in your listing.

What I do is leave $20 in my account and bid until I’ve spent $10 on my 2 main catch-all listings. You can spend less or more, your budget is up to you, but I’d recommend allowing for at least 10 clicks per bidding cycle. Once I get a few good calls I sometimes repeat the bidding cycle and put another $10 on my listing.

Be careful though, there is a “No Expiration – Use my bids to promote me whenever I’m available.” option that is automatically selected and when you’re new this will eat through your income, make sure you set a budget.

NiteFlirt for Beginners Bidding Budget

You can read more about bidding on NiteFlirt’s website


Taking Phone Calls:

On your account dashboard switch on the “Call Monitor” then you get a call on NiteFlirt you’ll see your status change to busy and you’ll get a little pop up telling you who is calling and what listing they are calling for. Shortly after your phone will ring from an 800 number, simply answer and an automated voice will tell you someone is on the line, what persona they are calling for, what listing they are calling for, and what the rate will be. It will then tell you to press 1 to accept the call, you don’t have to wait until it gets to that part you can press 1 immediately after answering and you’ll be connected to your caller. From there introduce yourself, ask them what they are in the mood for and hustle your hustle. When the call is over you will get a message saying “this call lasted X minutes $X has been added to your account” and you’ll be switched to available on NiteFlirt again.


Taking Phone With Cam Calls:

To do phone with cam you have to sell your skype ID or Discord server as a payment mail, you are not allowed to post your IDs on your listing! Once they buy it, they can add you and then you can message them. Some guys like to tell you what they want in skype chat, others just ask if it’s ok to call. Tell them to call your NiteFlirt phone with cam line first, never accept a skype/discord call before you are connected on NiteFlirt because you won’t be paid for that time. Once they call, make sure they called your cam line and not your phone line and from there it’s the same as accepting a regular call. Once we are connected I just introduce myself and then ask them if they would like to call me on Skype or Discord and if they want to talk through the phone or Skype/Discord. Some guys prefer to talk through the phone even while on a skype call, so I always ask. If they want to talk through skype tell them to mute their phone, then you mute your phone and put it on speaker. Why? Because there are a lot of guys who will hang up the phone call and hope you don’t notice while on cam and will get a show for free. If your phone is on speaker you’ll hear the “this call lasted…” message and know to hang up the cam call.


… hopefully, it goes without saying that your camming accounts should be different from your personal accounts.



NiteFlirt has a great option to sell content, they call them “Goody Bags” and they can be photos, videos, or documents. You can upload multiple files to a goody bag and sell them for whatever price you like. The best way to get success with goody bags is to make sure they have a preview image when they go live. This can be a bit of a pain in the butt since it takes 3-5 days for previews to be accepted and no nudity is allowed, but goodies that go live with previews get way more traffic than goodies without previews, even if you just make a simple cover graphic. So when you submit your goody for review date it 3-5 days out to make sure the thumbnail and preview have been accepted. Everything else about selling goodies is the same as selling content on other sites; you do the 2257 compliance, select the categories (tags) it belongs in, write a title and description, price it, and make a preview image. It’s very self-explanatory once you use it. You can read more about goodies here.


That’s all I have for my NiteFlirt for Beginners advice. If you’d like more information, something clarified or want to see a part 2 feel free to message me on twitter @DejaElectra, mail me on Reddit /u/DejaElectra or email me at


Happy flirting,