Chastity Keyholding

Handing over the keys to your chastity device is a perfect way to give up control and prove your submission to your beautiful and dominant Goddess. Do you want Me to add your key to my keychain? Keep reading to learn more about some of the chastity keyholding services I offer.

My chastity keyholding services are individually tailored and pricing will depend on what you want out of the experience of being locked up.

Types Of Chastity Keyholding

Physical Keyholding: Physical keyholding means you will lock yourself up and mail Me a key. I will hold onto this key until our agreed upon date of release or until I feel like releasing you temporarily. If you are local to the eastern Massachusetts / Boston, MA area you have the option of handing over your key in person.

Plastic Padlock Keyholding: This means I will mail you a plastic padlock with a unique number on it. Plastic padlocks mean you can instantly release yourself when given permission. If in our agreement I have decided to let you free on occasion just to immediately lock you back up I will send multiple plastic padlocks.

Basic Requirements Of All Chastity Servants

  • You must be of legal age in your area, 18 at minimum
  • To prevent freeloaders looking for free kink talk and to prove your dedication to Me, you must send a $50 tribute before we start negotiating our agreement
  • You must pay for your own chastity device, I can offer you guidance in what to get but I will not pay for your chastity device
  • You must create a chastity contract with Me
  • You will be required to send Me proof of your chastity whenever our agreement dictates and whenever I demand
  • If you mail Me a key you must pay in advance for express delivery back to you
  • When mailing your key you must get a tracking number and send it to Me

Chastity Keyholding Add-Ons

All add-ons cost extra, they can either be bought individually or bundled into our weekly price.

Video Call Sessions: Show Me you’re still locked up, get teased and denied, play chastity games, get to worship Me and so much more. These start at $3/min (see My webcam sessions page) or can be bundled for set times into our weekly rate.

Voice Call Sessions: Hear My irresistible voice tease you, mock you, remind you how much longer you’re locked up, play games, or just tell Me how it feels to have given Me total control over your cock. These start at $1.50/min (see my phone sessions page for more info)

Slave Tasks & Challenges: Get a list of tasks you must complete weekly or daily (when available) written by Me specifically for you

Tease pictures: Get hot, personalized pictures of Me sent to you to drive that locked up cock even crazier.

Chastity Games: Want to play with your luck and see what I have in store for you? Will you get a chastity break? Will you get teased and denied? Will you get a slave task? etc. Test your luck and find out