Order A Custom Video

Bring your fantasies to life with custom FemDom videos and custom fetish video clips by Me. I produce high-quality home-made FemDom and fetish videos and love playing with new ideas, kinks, and fantasies. Wondering if I cater to a specific fetish? Check My list of FemDom & fetish specialties here. If you don’t see your kink listed you’re welcome to email Me asking if I’d be interested.

Want to see some of My pre-made content? Check out My videos here.

How To Request A Custom Video: 

Send an email to videos@dejaelectra.com with a full thorough description of what you are looking for and the length of the video you would like. The more descriptive you are the better I can make your video. You must email Me before making an order, I need to make sure I can make the video and have time to do it.

*Update March 10th 2018: All videos will now be filmed with My new video camera in full 1080p HD (with the option of 30 or 60 fps) with professional grade lighting, edited with professional software, have the option for audio to be recorded with a Blue Yeti microphone, and processed on My new high-powered computer*


*Pre-payment is required for all custom videos* 

Pricing is on a sliding scale depending on length, difficulty, special effects, and payment method. The average range is from $10-$15 (USD) per minute.

If you want Me to write the “script” for the video there will be an extra charge.

If you want the video to be exclusive (no-resale) or want a video that has no resale value there will be a $50 – $300+ extra charge depending on content and length.

Cost for using your name in a video is on a case by case basis. Pricing for using your name starts at $50, factors like the video length, how often it’s used, what context it’s used in and how common the name is will be taken into consideration.

I accept IndieBill and other forms of payment that can be discussed when you contact Me. You can also order custom clips through iWantCustomClipsPlease note that I do not accept paypal as payment!

Filming & Technical Information:

As of October 20th 2017: I now film all My videos in full 1080p HD at 60 fps on a Canon VIXIA HF R800. I have wide angle and macro lens for My camera. I have a couple external mics for videos that may require it. I film in a spacious dedicated filming room with professional quality softbox lighting, umbrella lights, ring lights, on-camera video lights, colored accent lights, or optional natural lighting during the day. I have a large green screen so I can do full body special effects videos. I studied digital film production and edit all my videos in Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere or Adobe After Effects. I have the ability to do visual special effects as well as audio effects. I also have a library of CC0 sound effects and music.

If you have specific equipment or specs in mind, I can rent more equipment if you pay the rental fee.

Clips are usually converted to MP4 and compressed to the smallest file size possible without loss of quality before being sent out. Other video formats are available.

At the moment all My videos are self-shot. If you have an idea that would require a camera operator I’ll see if I can work something out but I can’t guarantee it, I will also charge an extra fee to pay the camera operator. This price will depend on their rate.

Video Content Rules:

    • Pre-payment required
    • No urine, scat, vomit, gagging, blood, etc.
    • No content that would involve breaking any laws
    • No content that would break content site rules
    • No extreme/violent/degrading race-play
    • If there are certain words you want to hear or things you want to see please list them out when you contact Me
    • If you want role-play videos please send Me a “script” of the scenario and/or tell me what you like to hear. If you do not provide a script there will be an extra charge for Me needing to write one
    • Any requests that contain material that I do not have the rights to use commercially (eg: songs, videos, audio clips, or images) will be subject to the “exclusive video” fee
    • No outdoor/public content, I live in a city and this is just not possible
    • No partnered content requests (B/G or G/G) I can’t quickly arrange to shoot with another model. When I plan to film with another model I’ll post an update to My twitter and you can send your request then
    • Custom requests that would require Me to buy new stuff (eg: outfits, special toys, props, etc.) will require you to pay for the items as well as paying for the video. You’ll have to send Me Amazon or Yandy links to the items you want and I’ll add them to My wishlist for you to buy for Me. You can also pay a fee for the cost of the items + a convenience charge + shipping (if applicable)