Give Me A Shopping Spree

You want to make your Goddess happy and send Her on a shopping spree? Send Me some gift cards to My favorite shops. Stores listed in bold and marked with an asterisk (*) would make Me the happiest.

Gift Cards:

All gift cards can be made out to Deja Electra and emailed to

Click on the store name to be brought the e-gift card buying page.

Nordstrom – You know how much I like My designer clothing. I could use some Louboutin’s and designer bags.

Lush – I recently fell in love with Lush beauty products, they keep Me feeling fresh and looking beautiful. Quality, fresh, handmade and ethical beauty doesn’t come cheap so give Me a wonderful gift of luxury.

Sephora – I love makeup! I can’t go in here without spending over $100. Help Me make Myself look and feel even more glamorous by buying a gift card here.

* Etsy – Etsy is a great place to buy high quality, custom-made kink wear. I’m always drooling over the expensive kink wear I see on there and would love to be able to buy some.

Target – You don’t want to know how much money I spend at Target. I normally shop here every 2 weeks for food and other basic supplies so you’d be pleasing Me and helping Me live my day-to-day life.

Dolls Kill – I love their clothes (especially their shoes) I spend so much time on their site drooling over cute clothes, but they are so expensive I don’t want to spend My own money here. I would love a gift card for this store.

Amazon – I love shopping on Amazon so gift cards here are very useful. Don’t forget, you can always buy off My wishlist.

* Wayfair – I’ve moved to a much bigger and nicer place and need new furniture, a gift card from here would be really helpful.

Home Goods – Like I said, I need new furniture and this place always has really good deals.

Forever 21 – I always stop in here when I go to the mall.

Urban Outfitters – I always gawk at their home decor stuff. I don’t shop here often though.