Spoil Me

Gift cards for shopping sprees at My favorite stores, purchases off My wishlists, adopting bills & tributes are all great ways to spoil your Goddess and get My attention.

Gift Cards:

You want to make your Goddess happy and send Her on a shopping spree? Send Me some gift cards to my favorite shops. Stores listed in bold and marked with an asterisk (*) would make Me the happiest. Gift cards of any value from any of these places are appreciated.

All gift cards can be made out to Deja Electra and emailed to deja@dejaelectra.com

Click on the store name to be brought the e-gift card buying page.

Nordstrom – You know how much I like My designer clothing. I could use some Louboutin’s and designer bags.

Lush – I recently fell in love with Lush beauty products, they keep Me feeling fresh and looking beautiful. Quality, fresh, handmade and ethical beauty doesn’t come cheap so give Me a wonderful gift of luxury.

Sephora – I love makeup! I can’t go in here without spending over $100. Help Me make Myself look and feel even more glamorous by buying a gift card here.

* Etsy – Etsy is a great place to buy high quality, custom-made kink wear. I’m always drooling over the expensive kink wear I see on there and would love to be able to buy some.

Target – You don’t want to know how much money I spend at Target. I normally shop here every 2 weeks for food and other basic supplies so you’d be pleasing Me and helping Me live my day-to-day life.

Dolls Kill – I love their clothes (especially their shoes) I spend so much time on their site drooling over cute clothes, but they are so expensive I don’t want to spend My own money here. I would love a gift card for this store.

Amazon – I love shopping on Amazon so gift cards here are very useful. Don’t forget, you can always buy off My wishlist.

* Wayfair – I’ve moved to a much bigger and nicer place and need new furniture, a gift card from here would be really helpful.

Home Goods – Like I said, I need new furniture and this place always has really good deals.

Forever 21 – I always stop in here when I go to the mall.

Urban Outfitters – I always gawk at their home decor stuff. I don’t shop here often though.


Wish Lists:

Check back frequently for wishlist updates.

Amazon – My preferred wishlist, don’t forget to check the sidebar for My other Amazon wishlists.


Adopt A Bill:

Want to fund My expensive and luxurious lifestyle? See My “Adopt A Bill” page for more information. There’s a bill for every budget.



See My “Tribute Me” page. I accept tributes on LiveCamModelShowsKinkBomb, IndieBill, iWantClips & NiteFlirt.